Justin for all his talent is still chiefly remembered for being the worlds first openly gay professional footballer and for taking his own life.  It is largely forgotten that he was also Britains first one million-pound black player and that his playing career spanned 19 years with significant spells at Norwich City, Notts County & Nottingham Forest.


Whilst Justin wrestled with a number of personal demons in his life it is clear that issues around his sexuality were at the heart of his problems. There is no question that the prejudice he encountered in his professional life as a top-flight footballer for club and country blighted his career and led eventually to his death. It is a sad reflection of the continuing issues that surround professional football that twenty years after Justin’s death there is not a single openly gay footballer in the Premier League.

This is a situation that defies logic and underlines the fact that twenty years after Justins death it is still not considered advisable to be openly Gay.

The Justin Fashanu Foundation was founded in 2019 by Amal Fashanu,
Justin Fashanu’s Niece.She has been an avid campaigner since 2012 after creating an award-wining Documentary for BBC3 called Britain’s Gay Footballers.

Our grassroots initiative is a fundamental aspect within TJFF.
We pride ourselves in promoting Inclusion in Football and Society as a whole. We work closely with local youth groups and government bodies to promote awareness.

Our main aim is to help achieve a level of mental health for the youth across all of society, which we refer to as ‘Mental Wealth’
Our Mental Wealth initiatives involves actively engaging in the community to help provide activities